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One, Two, Three, Four

[Verse 1: Black Cobain]
Black bar, lips first
It’s a celebration, nigga
It’s time that we rejoice, we done made it this far
It’s just me and my team, we don’t care who they are
Ah, hold shit when it do spill
Four O’s slash Four-0 we gonna be in that stairwell
Black king we all go, look around we all throwed
? need tune-ups ? that arsenal
Are you impressed? I thought they knew the set
Pretty bitches everywhere and all they know is sex
Hermes through that belt loop, glass up, cheers boo
We run this rap shit in the four-0 of our four deuce
Three up on 02, a lot spill that’s fly shit
A lot spill that’s fly shit, a lot spill that’s fly shit
Purple weed, purple label, purple swag that’s fly shit
First part you get past ? that nine-six

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