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Shouts out me essays me amigos
No gracias, le go, let's get it
Tell dat bitch no gracias nigga
New York City, let's go!

A Bitch that can't take care of her kids
(No Gracias)
A Bitch that can't tell you where she live
(No Gracias)
A Bitch wit a little butt
(No Gracias)
On the low I heard she A Smut
(No Gracias)
No Gracias Nigga, No Gracias
No Gracias Mami
No Gracias
No Gracias Shawty
No Gracias
No Gracias Nigga
No Gracias

[Verse 1]
So let me hop up in da booth and tell a little story
At my last show I met this latina shawty I
Asked her what she drinkin she said Raspberry Bacardi
And I bought the bitch one cuz I was supa dupa horny
Took her to da crib but her head game was boring
A couple minutes in Black Dave started snoring
She asked me for a ride home just cause it was pouring
But I kicked the bitch out and Didn't see her in the morning


[Verse 2]
No Gracias like my first language Spanish
Un Poquito booty I can't even fucking stand it
Bitch get in the kitchen and make a fucking sandwich
Do I need to make it clearer just so you can understand it
Bitch stop calling my phone, you need to leave me lone
And I ain't yo fucking dad so I ain't driving you home
Black Dave is in his zone, best believe I chrome
And I know that she is calling cuz this is my ringtone


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