How Many MC's... Lyrics

Produced By: Da Beatminerz


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[Verse 1]
Im takin ya back come follow me
On a journey to see a for real MC

The mind tricks the body
Body thinks the mind is crazy

But when I get the slazy
Keep my flow Im swayze
I break, you take
Whatever type of shit the nigga Buckshot makes
The incredible lyrical and original
You can kill a bull if you wanna take it cool
Whatever I see I attack(tack)
Fuck up the back black/nigga fuck that
The devil lurks in my heart yearns for it well
Look into the eyes of a nigga who fell

I hit my head on the concrete to beat defeat
(GUNSHOT)Another dead nigga in the street
Bulls eye direct hit don't miss

But How Many MC's Must Get Dissed

"how many MC's must get dissed"

[Verse 2]
I can break it down like whatever you want
Your runnin like this

I hit but I gets bizzd when Im pissed
Mister Buckshot rock it not quick
Bitch get off my dick
I open up and boot em up then I shoot em up
Im clev-ever cuz I wear my leather in the winter
I enta da stage, nigga cock ya gauge
I bust em off somein awful
And then I leave the stage
Im just a crazy maniac murder a murder type thinkin
Ya shittin, ya ass thinkin I see ya blinkin
I wet em and forget I never should of met em
But he was talkin shit to my man
So had to get em

Yep, you can get the fist

But How Many MC's Must Get Dissed


[Verse 3]
I gotta nigga on scope throught the eye of an eagle
But I had the nigga puffin steel
My brain is lethal
Pain as a niggas brain Im goin insane
Pound after pound and come stomp on ya brain
Pick up the route and be jetty wit the loot
Dont try to walk wit a switch bitch like your cute
You jus couldn't let me stick my dick and ride on the regular
Pen predator, et cetera...yeah right
So fuck what you heard its about gettin blipped
In 1993 motherfuckers get dissed

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