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(Yeh Hell Yeah)

[Verse 1: Eso]
See it was hip hop that damn near changed my life
From meeting Ozone in L.A. in '85
From my attempts to try and step on stage and rhyme
To my beyond 2005 state of mind,
from a copy of a culture
To teaching a tradition,
from electric boogaloo
To the beat that keeps my rhythm,
Wonderin the tracks, to the mic that's in my hand, from
Wantin' to be black, to lovin' who I am

From not knowing where you're from
To the image of Sydney
From noone knowin' hip hop to kids thinkin' they're 50
From the dramas on film
To the dramas in life, from posh clothes
To now knowin' they're worth half of the price
And from thinking to be king you gotta have wealth
To the inner revolution I call knowledge of self
So from back then till now I still rap for the pleasure
Being rich or poor man, I'm still happy as ever

[Hook: Bliss]
(You gotta understand me)
You gotta understand me
(I gotta understand you)
I gotta understand you
So we can stand together, recognise and vision
It's one love, one life, sets aside our differences
(You gotta understand me)
You gotta understand me
(I got to understand you)
Cause that's what gets me by, in my life

[Verse 2: Bliss]
From a punk in the Bronx to the heart of the 'burbs
From a dyslexic kid to a artist of words
From a wild child to my parents try'na steady me
From taking my Pac and Cube to givin' me Heavy D

From mimicking thugs thinking the lyrics were dope
To gettin' no satisfaction cause it was mirrors of smoke
From a home of hip hop to a land owned by rock
From rhyming to my mirror to thousands blowin' the spot
But through all the cheers and the brew and the beers
Was just a kid on the bus, headphones glued to his ears
Who just grew through the years, to pursue with the tears
The blood, sweat and make somethin' with his crew and his peers

See it was hip hop that put three lost souls on a map
From showin' us the country, to puttin' clothes on our back
And from finding myself in my mic's reflection
To this musical marriage that gave my life direction


[Verse 3: Eso]
From a major label deal to buskin' on the street
Know this soul's not for sale when I'm fuckin' with these beats
The landlord of these lyrics with a touch to welcome me
And if it doesn't break ground you could trust it wasn't me
The deepest of minds can't frame what I've imagined
Three eyes on the train writing rhymes on a napkin
See these kids don't have Bentley's, they sit and take the bus
But if you're playin' this tape your situation's sussed

[Verse 4: Bliss]
From backstage butterfly's to a passionate debut
From not having a path to push bashing a way through
From this rhyming release to stress I've got off my chest
From chasin' a dream to holdin' it hot off the press
And from shoe store days to writing sessions at night
To a culture that ultimatley taught me lessons in life
So from back then till now I still rap for the pleasure
Being rich or poor man, I'm still happy as ever

[Bridge {Vocals}]
And we won't stop until we get that feeling
That's why we get on up (yeh)
That's why we get on up
Ohhh we won't stop until we get that feeling
That's why we get on up


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