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[Verse 1: Boldy James]
It's Concreatures, 'til I can't say it no more
With my Concreatures, interstate straight to the O
Rental car spinning with a cake taped in the door
I'm hitting your region, whipping h, weed and the blow
With my door, eat a nigga stay blazing the joe
I'm blazing the dro, while he play the Playstation
With my Macky on my lap, while the k in the floor
Stuffing baggies full of crack rock and yay on the stove
Just so happened I can rap and it's taking it's toll
The way that I'm ?, concreatures breaking the mold
The way that we roll, some gotta give on the up and up
Cause I got a deal to move this big o ain't nothing up
I ain't gotta deal, and them pigs know it's something up
But I'm not these niggas in this biz for a couple bucks
I got some niggas doing bids over 100 plus, plus I shot a nigga as a kid for 100 bucks

Throw yo 7's high, throw yo 6's low
If you from 7 mile, or McNichols road
Drug Zone, 6 mile raise
7 mile pay, neighbor gang (x2)

Just before the paragraph I indent with intent
Slung a quarterback ?

Young Detroiters gettin' cash, I extended my click

We still got quartes, halves and zips

We deal spots, corners, spots and scripts

I still cop quarter bags of chips

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