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None before me, none to come
I'm one of one
There's only one of me
They don't make niggas like me any more
Concreatures, 227
There's only one of me
It's a million of them
But there's only one of me

[Boldy James]
It's Bold Blizzles posted on McNichols
Totin' that Four Nickel with my homie J Pizzle
On the boards make it sizzle
Blew out the van, ten bands now the rolodex rollin' off the skittle
You can taste the rainbow but don't get offended
When your bitches run up on me like "Boldy, you that nigga"
And all of em bad, askin' for autographs
Some want 'em on they ass, some want 'em on they titties
Probably want me to smash but I ain't fuckin' wit' 'em
Cause they know I got the bag, go fuck wit' them other niggas
When I was down, bad, on the come up try'na get it
Broke as a joke, hoes didn't pay me no attention
Looked and talked down on me, I wasn't trippin'
Now I'm on, what you want cause I'm still that same nigga
From the drug zone, with them same seven sixes
From the catcher's mit, reppin' that dirty glove
Murder mitten

Pure Michigan bred
Straight from the D
It's a million of them
And one of me
You could never be him
You just a wannabe
It's a million of them
And one of me
They be gettin' it in
I really run the streets
It's a million of them
And one of me
Pure Michigan bred
Straight from the D
It's a million of them
But there's only one of me

[Boldy James]
I drop ass, count cash
And pop macs out stash boxes
Pumpin' like some Reeboks
My Concreatures be black toppin'
When feds run up in the trap spot
Cause black had a ? bout slap boxin'
On the service drive, it ain't nothin' but crack houses
Dope fiends got them dope screen, meal slots, jackpottin'
Movin' bundles of raw, Utah Jazz Stockton
Droppin' dimes, reelin' 'em in, tackleboxin'
Got 'em on my line, listenin' in, tappin' my shit
I know you heard me but my attorney be Matlockin'
That's why I'm black glockin', ridin' dirty, back blockin'
Since the halls of Cooley, Call of Duty, Black Ops
Had big guns and some crisp ones, flyer than Baxter Stockman
Chiefin' secret of the ooze, I was snatch boxin'
Skipped tenth grade to get paid, I ain't have an option
Other than trap hoppin', drop top rag toppin'
Pulling down that black stocking, poppin' up wit' that mac choppin'


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