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[Verse 1]
Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think we should force it
Getting all bent outta shape like we some contortion-ist
Miss, if we was married I'd say divorce it
You looking dynamite but you blew this outta proportion
I took a lot of ish, I think I had my fair portion
So I had to let my baby go, pro-abortion

I hate I had to let my baby go from my forceps
But I ain't one for holding on, I just got a poor grip
Tsk tsk, wish that we could take it back like TiVo
This whole thing done gone out control with no remote
I'm shooting for her heart, for her heart, no reload
I'm shooting for her heart, for her heart, whoa recoil

It's time to face the facts, pay attention, no decoy
This heart is full of cracks, full of cracks, no D-Boy
It was a good run while it lasted
I guess our love just had asthma

[Hook:] (x2)
We going harder and harder
Higher and higher
Every dream is assembly required
Been watching and waiting
For my constellation

Show me a sign, a sign in the sky

[Verse 2]
In search of... love, and I found it
Electric personality, thank God that I'm grounded
And nah we ain't grounded, we just enjoy the great indoors
We could be kicking it in the car and we'd never get bored
Our conversation requires no concentration
Don't gotta look in the sky to see my constellation
Cause you're a star in my eyes
, the one that I've been waiting for
The reason why none of my past relations, worked
I can't afford to splurge but how bout we spend the night out

If you don't sleep, I don't sleep. We'll be some night owls
Let's ride out and kick it on Broadway like my posse
And spend the night watching the stars like paparazzi
I'm far from Jewish so how could I not see
Potential that we share, more love than a care bear stare
They're just weird if they don't understand this love
So in love like hands in gloves, that's pretty often, pretty awesome


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