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[Hook: Ron Browz]
If two dollars gettin made, we want in
If a stock is gettin trade, we want in
A record gettin played, we want in
A message to the game, that we want in
Whoaaaaaaohhh, we want in
Whoaaaaaaohhh, this is a fair warning
Whoaaaaaaohhh, we want in
Whoaaaaaaohhh, this is a fair warning

[Busta Rhymes]
Ha, hey ma! Look your child's grown
And I built somethin, Flipmode is touchin down stone
Look you shouldn't have no fear
And now we bringin the streets back, look how it feel out here
Now y'all respect the hard work, but I don't care nigga
We all tryin to eat you better learn how to share
You see the moral of the story and from how it begins
Is I'm extortin this whole shit - nigga I want in~!


[Spliff Star]
Open up the blood clat door let me in
Before I let the barrel spin and fire off the pin
This is my block (block) this is my shop (shop)
Fuck a ex-cuse, give me mines off the top
What'chu waitin on? All my patience is gone
I ain't waitin on no man, I stick to the program
Keep the pockets bulky like the muscles on Conan, swollen
European cars I be rollin - Spliff!


[Show Money]
Geah niggas, this is your fair warning
I give one soo woo to the gang and they on it (soo woo)
Cause you know how I think, drugs and extortion
We tired of waitin nigga we want our portion
You know what we endorsin, more violence and more fortune
Watch how you play with them boys - use caution
It's {Money Roll} geah
And that whole motherfuckin Flipmode, don't cross them


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