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[Verse 1]
2008ighties in this bitch with a little more energy
And some enemies
Friends of my friends but they ain't friends of me
I kick mad lyrics over hot shit like I invented beats
And keep it tightened like I'm from tennesee ya feeling me
I need to be in ya top 10 up and coming
Huhh fuck it, the top 5 up and running I'm gunning like it's my last shot
Y'all Niggas is mascots
This the type a shit that make you kick ass and smash cops
So send it up, yeah send it up nigga
The weakest member always be playing the tough nigga
Catch me in the ruffest jams tussling with buff Niggas
Pause but hustling mad girlies got butts with them

Shut the door to the whores and keep the bussas and sluts with them
And they don't fuck with us because simply niggas dont fuck with them
It's all gravy I'm feeling the apprehension
My mission is to dispense a couple classic for it's ended
Ascending is all I know about no doubt muthafucka I'm showing out
Roll out like I'm muthafuckin' Luda
Ima barracuda
Niggas be plotting I do it sooner
Ya tuned in to a fucking legend in the making
And making the fucking records the dj's posed to breaking
And taking my placement while I'm staying away from satan
Want problems? let's get it shaking
Speaking of Shake my nigga put me on the 2dope so
Nuff crack to fix a coke ho for her to sniff up her nose hole and blackout like Mr Popo

I bet u don't catch a nigga slipping
Them hoes gone choose I ain't trippen
My women swag like them ballers I call her Sierra Pippen
Them 80s team very different
A group of givens that's gifted
I am to tired to take a nap
To sleepy to quit this rap

And I'mma be the best yeah that's a muthafuckin' fact now
One time for you maufuckin' mind
If u lost him
Raw and bossin tell them boys caution

Caution caution Niggas know we awesome
They put us in dirt best believe we gone blossom
They stay on our tail but we already lost em'
And I'm just a, kid with raps rapping while im telling niggas 2x

[Verse 2]
Caution Now I need you all to move like very slow
They wonder why the Dj keep spinning my shit like merry go
Now here we go
Another nigga tryna prove he's very dope
I'm glad he boast I hittem out the park
I'm talking Sammy So, Sa

I'm matching shoulder with the cats that's older
Gimmie a couple, a nigga gone be catching Hova
They light irene and pass that over I enhance the sober
Lifestyle boy I'm talking right now
Man I might dial 1-800 fuck you collect
Just to tell ya looking ass that you suck in respect
I've been popping since oxygen
Optimistic for Washingtons rocking with the new congressmen
I that spit Run DMC rock again
Best believe a nigga up next
For that XXL that Grammy and that shit to check
Off my goal list
So know this
That I'mma rock hard focused
With mo' shit for me to drop

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