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[Hook: Avery Storm]
I keep the lights on, nothing you can tell me
I'm moving past you, none of you facing me
I'm in that White House, I'm what all that hype's about
I am the general
I keep the lights on, the head of this family
I moves mountains, there's nothing you can sell me
I tear the world down just to build it back again
Like it's a fairy tale

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
Boy, chill -- 'course the boy will
Do you greasy -- BP oil spill

Boat rides, bow ties
Coke flies so high, oh my
Listen, scram, Cam'll turn you into maggot food
Baby girl, you coming or not? "Damn, Cam! You rude!"
Nah, I'm Eric Wright, [nigga] with a attitude
Then I hit her with some 'Pac -- "I ain't mad at you"

Y'all stay shook, I'm straight crook
I made appointment for head, that face book
And I stay in drama, but anything with honor
I hit your BBM -- your broke baby momma
And I won't stop, I'm on my Diddy [shit]
Yeah, they start to like me, then they find out I'm a idiot
All they do is look and say, "Mmm-mmm, pretty slick"
And your girl is like my knot -- pretty thick


[Verse 2]
Shout to my black president, Obama
Tell the cops chill, though; find Osama
Secret Service, sorry -- I don't want no drama
You'll be enemy of the state; whoa, mama!
Gucci boots with the strap, all brown, though
You're worthless, same circus -- different clowns, though
My scoundrels on Greyhounds with pounds, though
We take trips with bricks -- hey, you down, ho?
Don't question me, play enough clown, yo
I get the whistle cause you're way out of bounds, mo
We fly high, fly guys, aideo!
Y'all burgers like Five Guys, adios


[Verse 3]
Young girls say I'm fly, cute -- I reply mute
F5 coupe I pull up to my stoop
Kissing in public? That's preposterous
Superman? Nah, but the crip is Metropolis
My day? It consists of driving bricks
Picking money up, getting head, copping kicks
Then the studio
-- I don't even stop and piss
"Go shopping now, Cam?" -- c'mon, stop it, miss


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