Capital STEEZ – Negus Lyrics

Produced By: Bagheer Olu

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Negus, umm what is the language of origin?
Umm, what is the definition?
Negus, negus
And would you say the word loudly for the judges?
One more time
Negus, N-E-G-U-S, Negus

[Verse 1]
Me? I'm a fuckin' walkin' paradox
Like Sasquatch swaggin' in a pair of Docs
Where I'm from, either you bangin' blue or you scared of cops
Fiends askin' where to cop, kids askin' where they pops
Just crack kids and bastard babies
In high school I had all my teachers exasperated
Til they seen the black lady in the black Mercedes
They was like, "Damn, he actually has some family trainin'"
Now I'm the lyrical miracle with the serial killer flow
Live in stereo, so listen close
Back then I could barely even get a bone
Now it's all yellow-bones hittin' up my telephone

P-E, bitches
P-E, bitches

[Verse 2]
And I'd like to say, "Fuck you!"
To my fat seventh-grade teacher with the bucktooth
Never saw what I'd come to

Now I'm livin' comfortable and beamin' over heads like a motherfuckin' sunroof
Got Diamond chillin' in the back
I sit and laugh, cause for a livin' I'm killin' tracks
They held me back said I'd never pass simple math
Now I'm tellin' you what you told me, "Just relax"
Is this the realest shit I never wrote?
Cause I was too embarrassed 'bout my stepdad sniffin' coke
Functional addict my ass, is that a fuckin' joke?
Different strokes for different folks, that's why I'm spittin' dope
Me and Powers takin' over like a symbiote
Mom blames it on the wild amount of piff I smoke
But it's better than takin' one of her necklaces and runnin' off to get a fix with it
Another day another demo
And I already found my satisfaction in reefer so why the fuck would I need blow?

Just copped some rollin' papers in assorted flavors
And a 40 ounce to compensate for 40 acres
I could play the ones and twos like I wanted to
The sky's the limit, that's what they told the fuckin' fool
I disguise the limit, now I'm aimin' for the Sun and Moon

P-E, premature ejaculation, comin' soon
Comin' soon

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