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Bank robber bitch im bank robing
Eyes on the green you can call me green goblin...
(repeat 4x)

[Verse 1: Capo Dim]
Batman robin on the side
Talking hard joke nigga joker was the ride (uh)
On the side flash ran past
Never look back cause a nigga too fast
Times up bitch times up
I rob a bitch then I tell the bitch was up (shit)
Shit was up nothing but the sky
When a nigga drop I be thinking of a lie (what)
Stop moving nigga you removing
Everything dope from the music im improving
On a hot shit my eye on a mission
Number one out nigga check your definition
Hotter than the summer time here I go again
Tommy gun rap so you feel it in your vain
Silly bank robbing al capone known
Capo dim blame me for the money sitting all alone (yeah)

Bank robber bitch im bank robing
Eye on the green you can call me green goblin...
(repeat 5x)
Bank robber

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