Carl Thomas – The Way That You Do Lyrics

Produced By: Kanye West

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[Carl Thomas]

[Kanye West]
Ever since I been flossin'
My girls totally awesome
Girls wait to exhale
They don't breathe often
Claim that my game stone cold, Steve Austin
Claim that I boss 'em
[???] Diana Ross 'em
But who's to blame for all these fights
When you ain't always wrong
I'm just always right
And I just always like
To see exactly how your face look
Right when I walk down that hallway right
When I pack my bags
When I got that cab
You never thought Kanye would ever got that mad
You acting like I ain't the reason that you got that Jag
That you got that bag
Let's talk about amnesia
Yeah you got that bad
Kanye the best dressed nigga next to fags
And I'm the best version of Mase next to Fab
And I'mma call your best friend up just to stab
Cause of the way that you do

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