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Im a savage for the cabbage and I ravage on the tablet
Punchlines cease to exist, so I'm far from the average
The world is filled with simps to the brim
And I don’t even have to try to not be one of them
Slightly different, but a part of a melting pot
Speaking of that, we roll em fat, back to back, no slack
Folks think I'm a rapper, more like expressing myself
It ain't all about the fame and the wealth
That’s cliché but fuck what they say
Probably stressed about them seeds up in they ashtray
And I know some niggas that get that money the ski mask way
But I'm tryna do right until my dying day
Make these clean bills off this here wordplay
You know this life can be a bitch carrying an AK
That’s how my words spray
Might as well rape the Earth for what it’s worth
Companionship’s a curse, so I never put it first
Somehow always trust ends up in a hearse, so I just write it in a verse
And continue to do work, to get what I deserve
Competition so weak I’m putting mouths up on the curb
Didn’t stutter or slur, this shit so grimey that they can’t find me
So they definitely not gon sign me, that’s understood but I'm good
Shit could be worse, still putting beats in the dirt
And I'm still immersed in my work

Death that’s untimely
That’s grimey, that’s grimey, now that’s grimey

The devils right behind me
That’s grimey, that’s grimey, now that’s grimey
These hoes be where the lines be
That’s grimey, that’s grimey, now that’s grimey
The world is unkind ya see
That’s grimey, that’s grimey, now that’s grimey

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