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[Verse 1: Casey]
Me and my niggas was in the cut like rubbin' alcohol
Shaded up with a girl or two, not a worry at all
I'm with them niggas in LA, that you know about, know about, from your girl

From the word of mouth, I'm the only name that come out her mouth
To the South, Texas state, yeah that's where my family at
Deep up in the country homie where people be burnin' trash
Rollin' by, feelin' hella good, I been up in Inglewood
Since Paul Pierce went to Inglewood went from hood to hood
Love it there, taught me how to be a man
Hear them dudes rappin' 'bout it, but really they don't understand
I come from a little somethin' called the streets, taught me how to be a man
Hear them dudes rappin' 'bout it, but really they don't understand

Girls come around, man they been tryna get it out me
Niggas in my face, they don't know nothin' about me
Most these niggas fake, I say loud I say it proudly
We got money to make, and we don't trust anybody, anybody
Said we don't trust anybody, anybody

[Verse 2: Casey]
I said high school, 11th grade, CDs in my back pack
Who ever needed that, they got it, next day they come back, they on it
Most these chickens actin' on it, lovin' how I'm tappin' on it
Niggas hit me up, yeah they lovin' how I'm rappin' on it

Said I will attack a track, and this gone need a rappin' lawyer
Charged before assault,
look at all this shit I bought
I'm always tryna floss, and when I get I'mma do it right
Straight shinin' on them lames, from the mornin' to the night
From the mornin' to the night, I take the air, takin' flight
Yeah that's that LA shit, young guys on they playlist
Jordans and the gold chain, Illmatic bumpin'
Nas did it first and now I'm 'bout to tell 'em somethin'
They all up in my face when I walk up in the function
Them girls wasn't dancin', but now they all jumpin'

I said Jordans and the gold chain, Illmatic bumpin'
Nas did it first and now I'm 'bout to tell 'em somethin', Veggies


[Verse 3: Tyler]
Hey girl, what's your name? Do you wanna suck a dick?
Who am I? Wolf Haley, yeah I'm known for punchin' bitches
In the fuckin' brain, do wanna give me some?
No you don't? Why you won't? Oh, you're a fuckin' nun
Didn't mean to offend, oh, you're a lesbian
So I'm guessin' you don't really like to put your trust in men?

Who do I trust? Um, heroine addicts and
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, yeah I can count on them

Who is him? Signed proof in a suit
Preme' six panel cap with the green brim
It's box logo this, box logo that
Usually a caucausian, big swallow on the cack, oh snap
I am, spittin' like I got chipped tooth, pop some Prozac
Golf Wang nigga, know that or that can
Turn into some neck, gettin' snapped up properly

Tyler Creator and Casey Veggies, fuck broccoli

Yeah, DTA in this bitch
I don't trust nobody nigga
I mean, you can trust these niggas but
At the end, they fuckin' you, no homo

Swag (Casey Veggies nigga
Tyler the Creator, from '07 and to beyond)

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