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[Verse 1 - Cee Lo]
I will build a bridge
Over the troubled water for you
The one that was here
Was weak and weary
Time had worn it down
Started little by little
With your feet right in the middle
We laugh about it later
But it's time for it now
Soon as all the work is done
Both hands in harmony
Sit and talk and share the sun
I know that you can feel it
But it's gonna take a minute

It's gonna get a little easier
Oh, it's gonna get a little easier
A little easier for you to understand

[Verse 2 - Cee Lo]
I want to build the bridges
So that when the elder spirit
It reminds us of that spirit
That makes us all the same
Don't give up on your children
Because of human nature
We've got virtue, we've got vices
What you've done is ?
It don't matter how long it's been
Turn back the music on
I want to dance with my father again
I know that you can feel it
But it's gonna take a minute


[Verse 3 - Cee Lo]
I want to build a bridge
Between every sister and brother
Father and mother, friend and lover
Black, white and other love one another
I dare you to just do it
It's the only way to prove it
If I promise to take the first step
Will you take the other?
Don't you want to be certain?
Don't you want to know you're free?
You can come together over me
I know that you can feel it
But it's gonna take a minute


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