Cee-Lo Green – Old Fashioned Lyrics

Produced By: Alan Nglish & Salaam Remi

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[Cee-Lo Green]

My... love's old fashioned
But it still works, just the way it is
This... love is classic
And not just, simple because, I say it isssssss

[Hook One]
It's right on time (right on time)
And it's timeless (timeless)
And it'll be right here
For al-wayyyyyyyyyys

[Cee-Lo Green]
My... love's old fashioned
So be it, I'm set in my ways
Hush child! And just listen, mmm
Don't it sound just like, the good old days? Well

[Hook One]

[Hook Two]
My love's right on time (right on time)
And it's timeless (timeless)
And I'll be right here
For al-wayyyyyyyyyys

[Cee-Lo Green]
Ohhhhh, people they gather 'round
And they wonder how... mmmm
Are we in love
Right here and now?
I just smile
Cause true love doesn't go out of style

(Right on time) OOOOOOOOOOOOH
Ohhhhhhhh yessssss~!
Ohhh right on time
Ohhh timeless!
And I'll be here
For al-wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys

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