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[Intro: Chaka Demus]

Now this one dedicated to the girls them with the angel face and the devil heart
You know say Ragamuffin Chaka Demus and youth called Pliers
Come to deal with the case
Step up my youth, Hear this!

[Hook 1: Pliers]

I know this little girl, her name is Maxine
Her beauty is like a bunch of rose
If I ever tell you 'bout Maxine
You would of say I don't know what I know (but)
Murder she wrote (for real for real)
Murder she wrote
Murder she wrote
Murder she wrote

[Hook 2: Chaka Demus]

Watch here now, it name:
Ah pretty face and bad character
Them the kind of livin can't hold Chaka (follow me!)
Ah pretty face and bad character
Them there kind of livin can't hold Chaka
Say say you pretty
Your face, it pretty
But yuh character dirty
Girl you just act too flirty flirty
You run to Tom, Dick, an also Harry
An when you find your mistake
You talk 'bout you're sorry, sorry, sorry
(Come now!)

[Verse 1: Pliers]

Have her cruise the corner where she jooks an where she jam
She know about Lou, Crack an every money man
Make love to the Coolie, Chiney, White Man and Indian
The wickedest kind a girl whey Mr. Pliers buk upon

[Hook 1: Pliers]

[Verse 2: Chaka Demus]

Watch here now stand still
You no pay me light bill

If you test the ragamuffin
Girl gwan get kill
Girl keep 'way
Cause you ah crebbie crebbie
And the lyrics whey me talk, or if ah Dee-Jay
Girl come out
Because you nah shack out

Now when yuh hear the ragamuffin
You haffi jump and shout

Nah touch me gate
You nah pay my water rate

Because great is great, Great can't under rate

[Hook 2: Chaka Demus]

[Verse 2: Pliers]

Now every middle of the year this girl go have abortion
For the coolie, White Man, Indian, no seeking an infant

An just the other day me see her six months pregnant
Now she up an switch her girl with another baby inna pram

[Hook 1: Pliers]

[Verse 3: Chaka Demus]
Excuse me!
Girl me never know say ah so you stray
Ragamuffin Chaka Demus com fi flash it same way
Waoh woa (Follow me!)

[Hook 2: Chaka Demus]

[Verse 4: Chaka Demus]

The girl ah bost and ah brag how she look sexy
All she worship is bear vanity

The girl ah bost and brag how she a look ready
When she wash her clothes it dirty

Girl you no ready if you can't cook for me
Girl you no ready if you can't wash for me

Girl you no ready if you know you're flirty flirty

[Hook 2: Chaka Demus]

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