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* Song borrows the beat from UGK's "The Game Belongs To Me"

[Intro - Chamillionaire]
Uh huh, huh
Uh huh, huh (yeah)
Uh huh, huh, huh, huh
Huh, huh (Chamillitary, hold up)
Uh huh, huh
Uh huh, huh (yeah, Chamillitary mayne)
Uh huh, huh, huh. huh

[Hook - Chamillionaire]
When I empty my pockets out, all they see is G's
So these groupies think they gonna get that alphabet from me
So many cars I lost count, so you can count for me
7, 8, 9, you'll be countin for another week

When I let the top down, they gonna feel a breeze
Wanna feel that Mother Nature, so they wanna ride with me

Naw, I ain't tryna talk, they say that talk is cheap
And I got a million dollar mouthpiece and this game gonna cost a fee

[*Intro is repeated in the background without the ad libs throughout the first verse*]

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Man, I ain't trippin about these broads, we've been makin this pimpin look easy
I "Slick Pulla" (what?), kinda like dude that's messin with Jeezy
I hit that switch and we movin on up just like George Jefferson's Weezie (yeah)
Alarm goin off, (what?), that means my baby needs me
I'm "ghost ridin' in my whip", kinda like Keak Sneak and E-Pheezy
The top be goin down, like it's tryna sexually please me
I'm gonna turn on the radio, but I'm not gonna pop in the CD
Cause they playin my song (what?), like I was havin sex with the PD
I'm ridin with a star and banana, bustas better believe me
The star is my chick, the banana is my clip and you see where
All got expensive cars, won't allow a jacker to see me
I ride with bananas and shells like Mario and Luigi

You know I stay poppin up like a genie, those be the Lamborghini
The "top down low" like T.I. Jeezy, Dro, Big Kuntry, and B.G
Then I pop that trunk and I let it up just so a hater can read me
I got the streets and that's regardless of what you see on TV
Hang my left hand out the window, it's gonna get really breezy
Right now I'm so hot, I'm so on fire, sub-zero couldn't freeze me
Get another plaque, then I'mma go back and party like it's my b-day
March 27th, Ultimate Victory, who's ever with me, hey


[Break - Chamillionaire]
I get such a good feeling, cause you're right by my side
And I'm grippin on that wood wheel, askin it to be mine
I get such a good feeling, cause you're with me for life
And I'm forever on the grind, cause money stay on my mind

I get such a good feeling, when you're right by my side
And I'm grippin on that wood wheel, askin it to be mine
I get such a good feeling, I cannot be denied
Cause I'm forever on the grind, money stay on my mind


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