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Produced By: Peter Cottontale

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[Produced by Peter Cottontale]

[Verse 1]
Here’s a tab of acid for your ear
You’re the plastic, I’m the passion and the magic in the air
The flabbergasted avalanche of ambulances near
The labyrinth of Pan’s Lab is adamantly here
No assignments, book of rhyming and I’m drawing doodles
I should rhyme rhyme with Ramen Noodles
, I’m the don of the diamond jewels
Fond of finding a way to kindly tell these toddlers toodles
I’m a kamikaze and I’m a kinda cuckoo

I could write a fucking book, non kamasutral
You niggas goofies, it's a conflict that is kinda crucial
Caught you on the 9 in all blue yelling I’ma neutral
But I’ma let the bull pass like matadors
Versus a Minotaur
Verse is a metaphor

A metamorphoses and I’ma fuckin animorph
I used to go to school with Anna Fedele & Danny Whorf
Remember I used to bang with bad ones
'til my grandmama told on her grandson
Mama said that I was way too handsome
To be throwing the hand’s son”

Breaking Walls like Samson
But I’ma throw a tantrum
'til I’m on Every Samsung
Sanyo, and Handheld and Handgun

Please Put ya lighter’s up
'til life is up
And light it up

And slice a cut
The night is young
It’s nice enough
The nicest blunt
The nicest stuff

My niggas out here trapping a lot
I know you think you on
Hiding Reggie sacks in your socks

I hang with niggas, whole jab in the jock
.4’s for 15, yea my niggas we be taxing a lot
Only to goofies tho, choking on a doobie though

My eyes do be low, two be rolled
Remember days of the Rufio
Remember the Days of Chan-Man and the Skeeter Man
Brrrang Dang to Lil' B
And Bang a Rang to Peter Pan

I burned too many Brain Cells down
To be worried bout my Brain Cells Now

[Verse 2]
Light a joint
Or spliff it if you classy

Split a swisha witcha nigga
If you ask me
Ain’t no questions hit it vividly and pass me

Don’t answer about your problems
Or your issues or your Ashleys

It’s a quarter to imminent, ten minutes to infinite
Rims, Henny, and reminisce
Nostalgia and M&M's

Cinnamon tone women and
Feminine’s getting intimate

All broads is frivolous
Homies could get they dividends

Is he illiterate, literal syndicate
Illegitimate, idiot, gangbanger affiliate
Sick twisted prick, sick sadistic son of a biscuit
Man fuck this shit


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