Charles Hamilton – The Boy who Cried Wolf Lyrics

Produced By: Charles Hamilton

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Ya'll niggas never want to listen to me huh?
Nobody want to believe me
Just the boy who cried wolf huh?

[Verse 1]

If I had a dollar every time I heard "This nigga rap?
The fuck this nigga got on? This shit is wack"
I swear by now I'd have a Benjamin stack
Could spend it on crap and then get it back in 10 minutes flat

This is a fact, no matter my ability to rip on the track
And spit 'till I black

Ball up a fist just to crack an instrumental
No fixing it back

I guess a nigga's style ain't a witness to that
Favorite color is pink, favorite genre is rock

But I can promise you hot hip-hop I'm not gonna stop
In cyphers, they used to get annoyed when I look
I don't even look the part, I enjoyed the wild looks
Cause as soon as I deployed my rhyme book
Niggas was thinking it was the boy who cried wolf
And they got eaten, they stopped speaking

I used to want to flip, but niggas will want to hate
They want to jump me, go winky right on my face
Two Spanish pricks couldn't stand the kid
Gave me two black eyes looking like I wore stunner shades
Ain't get mad, just mad depressed, but forgot I had mad connects
Slip my nigga 50 cash to whoop his ass, while I sit and laugh
Looked at him on the ground like "I said I'd get you back" but...

(They don't wanna believe me)
(They don't wanna believe me)
(They don't wanna believe me)
Haha, you don't wanna believe me nigga?
Now your dumb ass layin' there with four black eyes

The truth shall set me free
But ya'll niggas won't let me be
Cause ya'll don't want to believe me huh? Huh?
Cause ya'll don't want to believe me huh? Huh?

The truth shall set me free
But ya'll niggas won't let me be
Cause ya'll don't want to believe me huh? Huh?
Cause ya'll don't want to believe me huh? Huh?

[Verse 2]

My wife been a pestilence ever since I cheated with the next chick
She feels disrespected, in essence, yes, it's wack what I did
But shit, bitch, get over it

Cause this, is, ruining what we got
She loves me, but trusts me not

Nah, I ain't a player I just crush a lot
Literally, my high school crush was hot

I ain't gonna lie, yea we fucked a lot
Touched a spot, and yea I really did catch feelings
But it's over, she was a drug and now I'm sober

Now my girl treating me like a convict
So what I'm honest, I'm still trifling
Same nigga undercover wifing hoes and still piping hoes
But I know when I get home I gotta deal with the psycho
Babe I'm not cheating, I been stopped creeping

She ain't hearing it, god forbid it goes down on her period
End of story, period
Now I gotta deal with this shit for 5 days (and hey yo..)
I guess it's her way or the highway

Now I'm a liar, caught up in a fire
"I know about Makeeta, but who the fuck is Nya!?"
She's still a rider, but I can't provide the truth
In her eyes no matter how hard
I try
, why would I lie?
Lies are lies but, why should I share the truth?
God damn, why am I here?
I'm being honest with you, but why should I care?
It's cause...


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