Charlie Wilson – There Goes My Baby Lyrics

Produced By: Gregg Pagani

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[Verse 1]
I was rolling in my car when I pulled up at the mall
Couldn't find a place to park, threw my keys to the valet
I was only there to hang, wasn't lookin' for a thing
I was just about to bounce and then I saw Miss. Lady
Then I said to myself

There goes my baby, there goes my destiny
Onliest one for me, there go my baby
There goes my baby, she gon' be the one
We gon' fall in love, we gonna have some babies

[Verse 2]
She was coming out the shoe store, pretty little thing
A couple of bags in her hand right in front of Macy's
And then I saw her at the food court sipping lemonade
Conversating on her cell phone, looking so amazing
And I said to myself


She gon' wear my ring, she gon' take my name
Take her to the cookout, me and her gon' hang
Take her to my mama house, meet Smokey and them
If she need her hair done see my cousin Carol

I'll treat her like a queen, give her everything
She will be my girl till we old and gray
And I knew it from the moment
That I saw her lovely, lovely face

[Refrain x2]

I love the way you smile, I love it when you walk
When you talk me it makes me so
Crazy, crazy, crazy, it's blowing my mind
That you give me some of your time

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