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Welcome to the New York Port Authority. Exits are in the back, on the left and right

[Hook: Chiddy Bang]
You know me, I’m a upscale character
Haters, we ain’t mad at ya
To the penthouse we go

It’s time to grind now, so we gotta shine now
Never take a time out
Leave ‘em in the danger zone
You know me, I’m a upscale character

There is not a challenger
To the front page we go

It’s time to grind now, so we gotta shine now
Never take a time out

Now you’re in the danger zone

[Verse 1: Chiddy Bang]
They in the danger zone
I’m in a major zone
They stereotype me
They thought my name Jerome
Because my skin is dark,
I witness art
Watch me as I come up from the bottom
And ascend the charts, and then I spark

I play this right
Fork in the road, I made a right

Try to take off while them haters just delay the flight
I know you watchin’ me
Them other boys sloppy
My flow is dead on
Now where’s the autopsy?

Whores watch me, say hello to my stainless
Got my hand in the cookie jar, visions of being famous, I’m saying


[Verse 2: Chiddy Bang]
Yeah, my composition is remarkable
I am a molecule
They are just a particle

And this a article
So you can read all about it

And are they messing with us? I doubt it
The road less traveled
I’m sorry I’ll reroute it

And this goes out to everyone
That shot me down and doubted

Now I’m cumulusly clouded
Serious, higher than a Nimbus
I swear, I’m on the scene like forensics
Just check the stylo
We know heat flow
Them A&Rs tryin’ to find me like Nemo, I mean it


Xaphoon, you crazy!

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