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[Verse 1]
Now let’s see, the boy’s so zesty, I’m fresh come get me
You don’t gotta know how I does it the best
And this is the guideline on how to keep fresh

Flow blue streak like Tulley, and I’m so gully
Rhyme so cold that it came with a skully
And them haters really love me
Cause they talk always seem to seep out like soda when it’s bubbly
Yea, I’m up there with a small arrow
Oh they mad cause I Shyne like Jamal Barrow?
And they say I’m so proud, but I’m like, I know
I do this thing nobly like Manu
Ten I know, grand like piano
Stack in my pocket, I could make it to the condo

I could take her and U2 like Bono
They say you got a point like Rajon Rondo

One, two, three, if you tryna’ get fresh like me
One, two, three, if you tryna’ get fresh like me
(Fresh like this, are you fresh like that?)
One, two, three, if you tryna’ get fresh like we
(Fresh like this, are you fresh like that?)
One, two, three, if you tryna’ get fresh like we

[Verse 2]
Now I’m fresh like that
I’m the best like that
I’m Aretha on your speakers so respect like that
I see them ladies in the house, they better than cold weather
So naturally my number I slip her like chancletas
And I’m the one that they came to see
Ayo, my drink keep it mixed like Amerie
I be grindin’ like a dancer, flow rarer than pandas
School of hard knocks, no I will never transfer
Money on top, my money on top
When she give me brain it’s a dummy on top
Regret if I let her take all my guap
She funny like a episode of the Boondocks
You watch, I get my point across like Swatch
I’m on another boat, don’t cross my yacht
The sonic is chronic, I know I can’t stop
I guess I got nicks like Dr. Robot


[Verse 3]
It’s time to throw a party
Hey, like my girls French, like Louie V and Cartier

Make the people jump, you could pass the Courvoisier
You gonna’ need a couple more shots, to get on my level
Hit on the pedal, gas up a female
Oh, they made cause I’m smooth like CL?
You don’t know, I’m a big deal
Stand up like Hughley, I keep it on the D.L
Yea, I’m inbox like G-mail
I get head, I need tail
But let me quit it ma’, no play
I was tryna’ break in like O.J
Okay, I be puffin on a Starbury
So if I interview, I’m acting like Marbury

They tend to get aggie
But if hate is the new love, then we fittin’ to get married


Fresh like this, are you fresh like that? (x6)

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