Chief Keef – Bang Lyrics

Produced By: DJKenn

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Bang, Bang, Bang Bang Bang

That smoke got me gone you can hear in the air
We on top like some stairs
I don't give no fuck I be going to hell
Can't fuck around with bitches (bitches)
Because they be acting like hoes (hoes)
There's a lot hoes out here though
But I'm a let this hamma blow
Like... Bang,Bang, Bang Bang Bang
Bang,Bang Bang Bang Bang

[Verse 1]
Choppers get let off (let off)
Now they don't want no war (they don't)

30 clips and them .45s gotta go back to that store
And that kush getting smoked gotta go back to the store
Cock back cause there's trouble a man's gone blow
So they ass better get low

Or get hit
Oh shit
That bulldog made his ass split
I'm tring to get rich
Fuck a bitch
Only thing she for is to get head
I'm talking this dick

If she snitch, she can get the 30 clip
All we know is bang and then dip
And those bangers hollow tips
I swear to god that shit dead
Lets show these niggas how we do it
We got big hawks and eagles
Thats gone knock you off your shoes
You better be a smart nigga
On that R.I.P Dart nigga
Two Bangas going hard nigga
Soft nigga go hard nigga


[Verse 2]
Glock 9
Tech9 , 30 clip, .45
When I hit him he ain't coming back
Smoking loud this buddy loud, so I ain't coming back
I'm Chief Keef bitch
Off of Pill I feel like E.T bitch
Do a bitch spin like CD bitch
Can't get caught by CPD bitch
My nigga Dooski he got my back
Just bring a 9 we ain't got a mack
You better listen we got the mack
And on ya back we make nolia clap
We got 50 shot tecs so don't get wet
We gone make some bullets rain on your block
Your bitch sucking all on my cock
Oblock we the choppa shop
Smoking stank all we know is bang
Fuck run a train
We gone roll a train

Big propane like novacane
Chief Keef bitch I'm so insane
And there's dope boys, lamron
Wic City and black gates
Young money and 4'6
Flip a nigga like Patti cake


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