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I just can't... I just can't let niggas
I can't let motherfuckers take this from me man
This is what I got. This is all I got
It's a blessing. It's all I got

I think about it 23 hours a day
And beg God for revenge every night when I pray
You left me for dead, the only thing that I can say
Did I seem like a nigga that would just go away!?!

[Verse 1]
It's time to even the odds
Chino's sick, accepting all get well cards
Most underrated lyric artist, that's him
I walk on water, haters claim it's cause I can't swim
I'm the illest
When not allowed to prove
I ain't tasteless, like my tongue is surgically removed
So I'm gonna take my last breath
The entire English language got together and had sentenced me to death
Chino the barbarian, that Puerto Rican rhyme slayer
You get Slashed like Guns N Rose's guitar player
You should be afraid of me, I'm here to take your fans
But they agree you couldn't be my hype man's hype man
I spit it sharp as a needle since the leaders were leadin'
I get even stevens leavin' lots of Starvin' Marvin's bleedin'
You receivin' a secret they keepin' deep in the basement
Beneath Chino the demon screamin' beatin' up Mother Nature
Written scriptures, givin' you visions that's damn near religious
It's wicked and mystic and twisted as covens of witches
Ridiculous is how my Heckler & Koch pop you where your ribs is
The murder scene will be grizzly...bare witness
Primitive, medieval, barely literate, savage
'Defeat Chino' is an oxymoron like 'happy marriage'
I allow churches to be all around
My neighbors tired of people worshipin' outside of my house

You've never known a man that thinks like this one before
You've never known a man that thinks like this one before
The days of your life, all the years you've been born
You've never known a man that thinks like this one before


[Verse 2]
Entertainers names and lines, I started those
Big Chino, created from God's particles
The flows from my abdominal is abominable
Non vonerable, part animal, dark paranormal like ghost
"Man I hate these rappers, why don't you off 'em" I hear it often
When I'm gone son they won't be worth a splinter in my coffin
Once I auction off my crown of thorns, there's no more
Me fall off is the reason they invented the word "never" for
You should change your name to Nas
Cause when you ask, can you out spit Chino all you're gonna hear is a lot of naw's

I'm wise, you could learn that from me
Impregnate you with so many bullets you could take maternity leave
I'm a sadist and I say this with a jaded cadence
I'm dedicated to hatred, escapin' off of Satan's play list
I'm dangerous, when I communicate what I'm thinkin'
Brain dead I'll spit in Morse code, write down what I'm blinking
Rhyme contortionist, shot my way out of Hell's orphanage
Using a slingshot and live scorpions
Paragraph perverter, the spic that you can't murder
Get a kick out of feeding a cow a hamburger
You're garbage and you convince the world perfectly
When you rhyme I'm so bored you can surf on me
Labels, how you gets your artist's best work?
Lie to 'em, tell 'em that you puttin' Chino on the third verse



[Verse 3]
Fasten your seat belts this is Air France
I'm like Nirvana when it came to kill the hair bands
I'm cold as ice, might slip into my madness
When I spit, everything is hard like my lungs is on Cialis
Yeah, I ain't scared of these newcomers
Cause they fly for the first time like the Wright brothers

Why ? nigga that's swingin' from trees
Eatin' almonds from the eggs of endangered species
You lookin' for the feces? This is it
Did real songs with Dilla not no made up shits
You supposed to be the heir to the throne
But you left air in the throne, vacant
Waitin' for the ragin' Chino to come along
I'm from a place that we're never wrong, never calm
Play Guitar Hero with your severed arm
I bring liquor, bench press and write rhymes raw
So I raise the bar, while raisin' the bar while raisin' the bar

My dark art murders you in every frame
Retarded like Daddy Yankee looked when endorsing McCain
I'm deranged with insane pain penmanship
Greatest wit
Since the Dead Sea Scrolls was only sick

Denyin' I'm one of the greatest that's your loss
I got no love for the other side like a coin toss
Albatross, night lurker, out for blood
Swingin' the bat like Manny Ramirez with no enhancement drugs
Fuck, my anger is bad
Even the Incredible Hulk turns into Chino when he get's real mad

I let flames spray
Then forget about you like Farrah Faucet's death
Cause Michael Jackson died the same day



Sound without Focus is just noise

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