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[Verse 1]
I'm stacking money off the top
I'mma show these niggas something, I don't even like to talk
Jealous nigga in a spot, 'bout to slide up out the drop
Just to say one word to Chop, bitch, I'm chargin' like an ox
3 AM on the dot and we in a Waffle House
Lit as fuck, talkin' loud, tryna stop from fallin' out
Shawty starin', call her out, what I'm into, all her mouth
Get that dough, dolla count, make it rain in large amounts
Nigga, we are not the same, Chop is not contained
Cock it back and aim it, sound like Waka Flocka Flame
Bow, bow, bow, lay 'em down, bet my shit could stop a tank
Bet my shit could drop a plane, sparkin shit like Charlemagne
All them niggas fell off, ChopUp put the scale on
Talk that shit, get smacked, nigga, I ain't talkin Kellogg's
Must be something that I tell her, how she open like umbrellas
And the way I wine her up, shit, I never need a cellar

I'm in the zone withcha ho, hope she know I'mma long dick her tonight
We buyin' things, buyin' rings, buy her drinks but you can't turn a trick to a wife
I'm blowin' a pound, these bitches low down
If she want to get dick, she gonna get dick
We can slip outta town
(I'm livin' the life) Fuckin' hoes, then I get back to the dough
(I'm livin' the life) Throwin' bows if a nigga get too close
(I'm livin' the life) I'm fuckin' hoes, then I get back to the dough
(I'm livin' the life) Throwin' bows if a nigga get too close

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