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[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Eyes must be wide shut
Liquor got you open, closing your blinders
Just in case you need a friendly reminder

Let me take this bullet, bullet out my head
Change your body, need a visor
Car too big, but fuck it, don't need a driver
All me want is a girl who'll be a rider

Can't believe pull it, pull it
Nigga gun, gun down

She want me to hold her, hold her down
Sorry boo boo, you gets no love, no love now
Must be coo coo, got me fucked up, fucked up, wow

You know a nigga ain't goin' hold ya, hold ya down

I'm a mirage (Fuck I look like?)
I'm a mirage (What the fuck I look like?)

It's all in your mind, your mind (Fuck I look like?)
Open your eyes, you're blind (What the fuck I look like?)

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Yeah girl, your mind should apologize to ya
Keep on tellin' all of those crazy lies to ya

You believe 'em, I don't wanna accept the truth
Who the fuck you kiddin', kiddin', what's the use?

Sad to see you playing the fool
You don't know half the shit that a nigga been through
I guess you got your reward, reward for it
You actin' like you don't need me, baby


Excuse my French but...


[Verse 3: Nas]
You lookin' for love, and I'm the one you imagine
With athlete money from just rappin'
My body wrapped in some Valentino, Laurel Piano fashion
Sex with passion, romancin', laughin'
Happiness, action, restaurants, relaxin'

They got some good sushi in Aspen, that good pussy I'm smashin'
I call you Matsuhisa, yeah I'm your Visa

American Express, I must confess
I'm tryna go beyond love, and this is hard to translate
Love is good, but to me, good is just the enemy of great
You wanna make it to the top, but you don't got what it take
To be a model, actress, singer, stripper
Want me to help you to become a star, you was my sister

You was my soldier, damn, I used to miss ya
I used to love ya, I think to hold ya
You didn't know me, it was only just a mirage

[Hook: Chris Brown]

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