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Produced By: Drumma Boy

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[Intro: Chris Brown]
Just go ahead and do the right thing, do the right thing
Do the right thing, oh
Just go ahead and do the right thing, do the right thing

And girl if you won't get naughty
I don't need a key I just push buttons to start it

[Hook: Chris Brown] x2
Oh yeah, oh yeah, girl you a pro
Oh yeah, oh yeah, on the-on the floor
Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah girl you got my heart
Oh yeah, oh yeah, do it, do it, do it, do it

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Nigga spend a hundred thousand on bottles
Baby girl where you goin'?
Ugly girls be quiet, all them models screamin' performance
Two bad ones with me, it's threesome in the mornin'
Jump, krumpin' 'til the mornin' (I get it)
Her mouth open, she yawnin' (Get it?)
I been on her all day, but if she come my way I'mma put on my shades
Still givin' me fakes, but then your girlfriends hatin' cause you MIA
But she over my face
I'm the king in my city, you could have it your way
I'm the cameraman, set the camera up
Put your booty up, then we could press replay

[Pre-Hook: Chris Brown]
Girlfriends can't tell me nothin'
Leavin' with me, know you want it

It's in your eyes, don't tell me no lies
Give me no disguise
Lemme give it to you like, "Oh yeah"

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
2 Chainz!
Me, you, and her
When I leave, I swerve
Let me see that kitty purr
2 Chainz that's a pair
Then I put her in the air
Might have to take her to the ER
Make the bed go, "Ee-rr"
Up and down like a seesaw
Who saw? Who saw?
God jazz like Utah
Tackle her like football
Your baby daddy's a Ru Paul
Big dog, ?
I do the shit that you don't
Livin' life in the fast lane
So I bought me a two-door


[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
Do the right thing, act a fool
Be yourself, go on, girl
Aw yeah, real player
Like that-that, like that-that there
Champagne campaign
Oh man, turn up the frame
Burn up the frame
I'm in my game
What's my name? What's my name?
Ooh-ee, Snoopy
Give it to ya like "c'est la vie"
Life of the party, rockin' your body
Blowin' big, bag it up, Bob Marley
Ladies and gents, players and pimps
This is the shit, one hundred percent
So you can just shake it and make it and dip it
And wop it and pop it and drop it ?
I left the scene crisp and clean
CBDBGZ, we see she see
? all of 'em love me
Wasn't my fault, left your girl with seasoning salt
D-O-double G, he's the boss
These and 'em all, life in song, aw


[Hook] x2

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