Chris Brown – She Ain't You Lyrics

Produced By: Free School

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[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
You make it hard for me to see somebody else
I'm calling her your name
Yeah, it's messed up, cause I'm thinking about you

It's your fault babe
I never wanted us to break up
No not this way
But you don't understand it girl

[Pre-hook: Chris Brown]
She touches me, I'm wishing that they were your hands
And when I'm with her it's only about the sex
With you I had a bad romance
And if I could just trade her in I would
Cause nobody compares to you

[Hook: Chris Brown]
Yeah, I think I better let her go
Cause I can't leave you alone
Every day that I'm with her, all I want is you
I wanna leave but I'm afraid
That you don't even feel the same

And now I realize, that she ain't you, she ain't you
Oh (no she ain't you)
Whoa oh oh (Na na na)
Whoa oh oh (Na na na)
Cause she ain't, no she ain't you

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
I've been sleeping out
For quite some nights now
It's not the same in my bed

But if she found out what's going on in my head
It will be all bad, have me right back
But you don't understand it girl

[Pre-hook: Chris Brown]

[Hook: Chris Brown] [x2]

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