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[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
I don't know if it's your scent or your kiss
But I girl I love it
And time after time
You give me one of the greatest gifts
I want you to

I want you to love me
Like you never loved nobody else
And I want you to touch me
Like when your touching yourself

[Verse 2: Sevyn]
So baby come over (I'm on my way girl)
If you take your time
You can love me right
(Gonna love it, uh-huh, set the time girl)
If you want me to slow it down
(I do, do you, I will, will you, I will)
Bite into the pillow, try not to make a sound

[Verse 3: Chris Brown]
Girl, it's okay, cause I want you to feel me, yeah
Cause your daddy's girl, I'm a show you how to love
Show you how to love me girl
So lay down right there
So you can hold my head
While I'm kissing on your thighs
Girl I just need it one more time


[Chris Brown]
And as I look into your eyes
Your body screams for my love
No fear, just me
And as you feel me inside
My passion fits like a glove
No more fear, just you and me


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