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Produced By: Polow Da Don

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Zone Four
Let's go

[Hook 1]
I'll be swimming in women
And I'll be diggin' and livin'
And I'll be whipping the whips you haven't seen now
Well the quip is just whip it
Make it purr like a kitten

And I'mma have you addicted to me now
And all the fast girls wanna get money
Baby girl you ain't getting nothing from me

All you get is this dick
Make it bounce like a bunny

Come on tricks are for kids
But feel it in your ribs like

[Hook 2]
Wait (wait a minute, motherfucker)
Wait wait wait wait (wait a minute, motherfucker)
Wait wait wait wait (wait a minute, motherfucker)
Wait wait wait wait (wait a minute, motherfucker)
Wait wait wait

[Verse 1:Chris Brown]
Girl I wanna make you sing like opera
Gotta cold hit a dose I'm your doctor
Pink house like a copper
Man I got a chopper
Lion king in that thing Mufasa
I'll break you off just a little bit of me
You might wanna take a bite right out of me

Girl I think you ready, oh damn
You want me to do something, yes ma'am

I just wanna get a little give a little take a little make a little love all over my place
Girl you got a bottom
I can spot from a mile and I be wilding out then I'll pass you off to Trey

Girl I'm right in front of you
Wanna be right up under you
Kissing under your belly button for about a month or two

You gonna love it when I look in your eyes
I'm hitting high now

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]

[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
Girl I like you face down with your ass up
Do the most get ghost like Casper
Beat it like a boxer
Eat it like a lobster
Tell me your desires

Get you higher than a rasta
I got something special for you when I get you home
You should let me drive girl
The ride's really long

If you wanna ride ride ride you can
You just gotta lie lie to your man

I just wanna get a little give a little take a little make a little love all our my crib
Girl if you can take a lot make a lot of sounds
I'm gonna take your body down and I'll pass you on to Chris

Girl I'm right in front of you
Tell me what you wanna do
I just want your body with my body right up under you

You turning me on like a Keri Hilson song
And I wanna get you going right now
Let me knock you down

[Hook 2]

[Verse 3: Game]
I’m in that Murcielago
Riding through Chicago
And it’s twelve o'clock, twelve o'clock on my Movado
Yeah I know, me and CB it's like back to back diablos
Drop the top, put on your goggles

Swim like the young Mike Phelps under my Gucci belt
I said swim, not unstrap my Gucci belt
More shoppers than Johnny Depp in that Moss
So many Game imposters riding ram in the boxsters
I'm in the Deville
Sipping on Belvedere vodka, so many tricks
Hit 'em in a little bit can't grab banana split
I ain't no chicken
Never been no chicken ish

If I pop a bottle, she a model when she's lickin' it
If I'm going down, I'm eating it like quick and split
Knocking on my dressing room
Just to get flick with Chris

She spilling my crys
Freaking on my fresh fit

That's when I get on to the next two

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]

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