Chris M.I.D.A.S – Stop Lyrics

Produced By: Drewdini

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Y'all just want to live my life
I'll tell you what is wrong and right

I ain't stoppin' a minute , no
I ain't stoppin' a minute , no
I ain't stoppin' a minute , no
I ain't stoppin' a minute , no
Cause I can't (Stop)
Cause I can't (Stop)
Cause I ain't (Stoppin' a minute ,no)
(Naw Naw)
Cause I can't (Stop)
Cause I can't (Stop)
Cause I ain't (Stoppin' a minute ,no)
(Naw naw naw)

And I pray that god gives you the strength
To change the things you can & accept the very things you can't
And I pray that god gives me the grace
To change the things I can & accept the very things I can't

[Verse 1]
Cause you ain't practicin' serenity
Would you rather be friends with me or mistake my identity
Thee allure's as pure as pregnancy , homies before frienemies
I guess that I can't let it be but until than you'll envy me
Lettme get some Hennessy my drive's solidified
But I'd rather live a little before I live a lie
In given time , all shall come to light
The devil's like Havana Brown , he Runs The Night
Right ? but when I'm recordin'
I overcome Lucifer the "Son of the Mornin'"
Watch me change into higher forms when I'm morphin'
Instead of a nobody I feel I become important

These Lines are hellacious , I ain't tryna be persuasive
But my goals are court cases being judged and retrieved by Bailiffs
How can I escape this
By being courageous
And taking Jersey to the top
We're more than worthy of a spot and uh

[Hook x1]

[Bridge x1]

[Verse 2]
Cause I can't stop like Hov & 'Ye
Mind you my son Julius is turning two years old today

You don't know how heavy these emotions weigh
But motivation is home-in a feeling that'll never go away
But what you know about honesty
I may not be the tenant but my name is still on the lease

These rhymers flatter me with their mockery
Which sincerely is flattery formed from modesty
Obviously you knew that from the start
(But don't you confuse asif I would lose) that cause of my art
(What would you do asif I could lose) the stats on a chart
Of a player that ain't in the game
But you wanna participate & you feel ashamed
Cause some'll fall , winners spring
Didn't that sound like "Summer , Fall , Winter , Spring"
But it'll take more than our four seasons to understand what that really means

I'm takin Jersey to the Top
We're more than worthy of this spot and uh..

[Hook x1]

[Bridge x1]

[Hook x1]


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