Chuuwee – Boom Bap Funk Lyrics

Produced By: Whoarei

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[Verse 1]
Step up, who wanna battle me, I'm not your average MC
You beefing with me, suggest you vegan niggas watch your calories
Money motivated, we be all about a salary
But fuck a bad economy and I ain't working hourly
Sour d smoke got me hungry, I'm devouring
Anybody who tryna get eaten like cauliflower
and I'm a hungry man nigga eat a salad
Aiming this .40 cali and hold taking your palace
Mad stylist, the Wu got me on some shaolin shit
Chk-chk BLOW! blood spilled in the chalices
Paper chase, push weight till palms gain catalysts
All day, everyday, the hood I be standing in
I ride by in an all grey Challenger
Petty possessions that motivated me 'round this shit
What up to Uncle J-Dawg, he locked down again
Next time a relly come out, we count thousands

BLOW! How you like my style?
How you like me know?
Niggas didn't know that I was coming with that boom bap funk
That boom bap funk for yo trunk
Mutha fucka what you want?
I tell 'em like..
BLOW! How you like me know?
How you love my sound?
Niggas didn't know that I was coming with that Boom Bap Funk
That boom bap funk for yo trunk
How yo like me know?!

[Verse 2]
I put a Vise Grip to all my vices, I just gotta have it
I gotta grab like a hand full of cash
To support that habit,
I'm going rabbit for the cabbage
I out-lash, I'll kick yo ass just for the cash now
I hit the farms just to get myself a cash cow
They done got me assed out, black outs, a bad drought
I ain't made now cheese in six weeks
My connect been sleeping, I'm putting it to a beat on repeat
As real as the crib keeper that creeps through the streets
I'm just hoping I'll never meet my defeat
Same shit that I been saying all week
But this time I had to grab the Mossberg heat
With this rhyme if them niggas flip shine
It's almost like hitting his wrist or killing yaself
They got a hit out on my ego, I'm feeling myself
His team try to interfere, he couldn't kill it himself, bitch


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