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[Pusha T]
Yes sir..

[Hook 2X's]
Don't let 'cha ego trick yo ass
Cause this motherfuckin' tech will get yo ass

"Yes, the semi-automatic tech is know to jam..."
But if it don't, that's yo ass my man

[Verse 1: Malice]
I got guns cause they got guns
I get cash they get none
So I'm sure you see where that leaves me
In the streets with two heats, both one within my reach

I speak slow, let 'em understand my speech
When I say, "Get low, these hold ten shots each
Please, don't move too fast, I scared of y'all niggas and my nerves is bad!"

So sad, but I won't think twice
We rich, we get the best judicial advice

Threaten my life with them words that they ut-ter-in'
Adrenaline pump, my heart start to flut-ter-in'
Continuous dump, that tech gets to stut-ter-in'

Left in the slump, mother and sister cud-dle-in'
And for what, cause you ego-trippin'
If that thing jam, it's divine intervention


[Verse 2: Pusha T]
Even if it's talk cheap (Say what...)
You know I can't sleep on his word
Had to show him that I heard (Let's go...)

All that duct-tape-tie-up talk put in reverse
Now it's him who's in a bind on the account of his words (Yeah, you know

Yeah, they talk 'bout this and that (That...)
Got it fucked up, like I'm all 'bout rap (Rap...)
Word is I'm loaded, they want a piece of that
I respond with four words, "Rat-tat-tat-tat" (In yo ass...)

Now, rap about that
I carry a human heat box, to make ya heartbeat stop (Stop...)
Some say Pusha's the coldest

Money is my morals, other than that, I'm soulless
Refuse to wake up zeroless and O-less
Carry that shit that blow your arm out your shoulders (Bla-oww...)
Techs don't come with holsters, I'm a menace boy (Don't forget, motherfucker)


You niggas ain't fuckin' wit' us..
This is the real..
You niggas ain't fuckin' - wit' us..
This is the real..
You niggas ain't fuckin' wit' us..
This is the real..
You niggas ain't fuckin' - wit' us..
This is the real..

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