Clipse – Fast Life Lyrics

Produced By: Scott Storch

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Whatcha paper like? Whatcha paper like? Whatcha paper like?
I can show you what my paper like
Money first, fast cars, out come the chicks of their panties and bras. Come on. I said Come on...

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
I do this for my go getters
To my O flippers
All my Rose mo’ sippers
Tell the Feds to take mo' pictures
I smile for the camera

My niggas hold keys like janitors
Throw D’s on that bitch, bought her tits like Pamela’s
Spend the whole day trynna take all my stamina
Never that, still got more for Tamara
Pusha's sex game no amateur, I come clean
Jeru damage the scene

The coupe got a mind of its own like Christine
Murdering the block

Half-past-blind-a-motherfucker be the time on the watch
What you wanna do with me?
King Powder Flow untouchable if you don’t believe then homie you sniff me
The scent still trapped in my clothes and I just came from over the stove
So what you wanna spend?

What your paper 'bout
Throw them G’s up
Show your watch off
Roll your sleeve up
New plates on it
Hold them keys up
We buy the bar out
Baby drink up
This the lime light
It’s the car show
She wanna joy ride, see how fast the car go
Hot summer days, long Vegas nights
We bet it all, baby welcome to the fast life

[Verse 2: Malice]
Word on the street girlfriend he stingy
Yeah rare like a Da Vinci
Columns to the ceiling I’m dreamin’ somebody pinch me
My presence is an event the party don’t start until they let us in
That’s right ladies and gents
Coke money turn rap money give it a rinse
Next come the spin cycle
The rims on that Benz get more spin than Michael
I leave them hoes wit an eyeful
Malice be the truth like the bible
To the red bottom soles
All they do is stare like I’m in a fish bowl
Mad dragon I got the glow
My public awaits I got to go


[Verse 3: Pusha T]
I 3D it, if I say it, you can see it
No red and blue lenses needed
The red, white and blues in the chains make 'em pledge allegiance
These 16’s is undefeated now crown me
It’s the almighty duo
You know critically acclaimed movin’ weight like a sumo
On my ditty bop, Play Cloths knitted top
Clipse 3, title: Til the Casket Drops

[Verse 4: Malice]
And the boy got swagger
Papa is a rolling stone, I’m Mick Jagger
Don’t wanna pick up the chrome, but might have to
Anyone think they gon' dethrone the rapper
Next chapter us out in Vegas
Breaking the bank just like we ball players
And we all up in the majors
Pushin’ crack to a fault, San Andreas

[Hook X2]

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