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Love got me feeling like sweet sixteen
Feels like I’m sixteen
And then next year we’ll feel what
Yep Yeah Yep
And then we’ll feel what
and that’ll be whole ‘nother thing

[Verse 1]
She was up in the range all the time, all the time
With the grind on her mind all the time
Went to Crenshaw High
Learned singing from her brother who directed the choir
And swinging from her mother who protected the tribe (Ahh Yeah)
Opened a hole in the sky
She met a gangster who had traded her, her heart for a lie (Ahh Yeah)
She sure was blind

She clipped me one day and I blew up, I took a dive
A nigga was high, She said I heard that you did alot

I'm leaving L.A. cause I’m beautiful, you coming or not? (Ahh Yeah)
I said your beautiful but
I can’t be out here on the ledge with you if you gonna jump (Ahh Yeah)

She said She falling in love
She heard that I could get her signed and put her out in a month (Ah Yeah)

You do look good in them pumps
But you gon’ have to take them off to reach the life that you want

She said take me with you
Think we’re meant to
Change my life and fall in love

She said Anywhere Love but L.A
Anywhere Love but L.A

[Verse 2]
She was up in on the train all the time
All the time with the grind on her mind all the time

From the 8 to the 5
Learned to Dj from her brother, who had showed her to Rhyme
How to open up her soul, you know controlling the vibe (Ahh Yeah)

Opened a hole in the sky
She dreamed an Angel with a microphone had showed her to fly (Ahh Yeah)
She sure was fly
I met her in the airspace up over my mind
A nigga was high she I heard that you did alot

I flew to L.A. cause I’m beautiful but I’m outta luck (Ahh Yeah)
I said You’re beautiful but, I see the blinding light is in you
You just don’t use it enough (Ahh Yeah)

I think I’m falling in love
You don’t even know how you feel but you’ve been calling it love (Ahh Yeah)
You know I’m not getting young
But I’m ready to hit the sky
So tell me what do you want

Take me with you
Think we’re meant to
Change my life and fall in love

Anywhere love but New York
Anywhere my love but New York

Anywhere love but Chicago
Anywhere my love but Atlanta
Anywhere my love but Houston
Or Miami

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