Common – 16 Bars Lyrics

Produced By: No I.D.

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Yeah yeah
This is common
Shout outs to No I.D
Shout outs to Chicago
Good music
Yeah what up, what up ye, love
Yo, this is my sixteen bars

Feed live souls with two fish and five loaves
Teach a man to cook it for survival
My dad said it rained on my arrival
Not a storm of the brain makes these niggas drive slow
Like I was five-O but my creeds Apollo
On a rocky road with Dakota's live show
For those before I came I make the song cry for
Lyrical gymnast, you set the bar low
This is that, Kilimanjaro, like twitter you can follow
It may be hard to read like hiero, glyphics
Written on the walls of Cairo

Check my youth revival, truth inside flow
I stand like M there with dato
Crash party any live ho is liable to get banged like gangs that rival, tribal slang
From the primal brain kill the game and watch it die slow
The Ali MC, I fight for more than the title, ya idol

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