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[Common's answering machine beeps]

Say brotha
If you ever let me leave out a club
With a big fat ass, stove-like bitch
Like that without point out the facts
I'mma kick your motherfuckin ass
Man that nerve of the ho not to give me no pussy
Come up in my house tryin to watch movies and shit
This ain't no motherfuckin cinema, BITCH!
Who the fuck she thought I...
Say brotha, I wasted a evening
I shoulda went witcha, but ohh well
You know I gets my pussy anyway, you know
That's how playaz do
But gahd-damnit Rashan
That big ass bitch *cracks up*
If you'da said to spread on that ho
Man I could kick my own ass
Well, should go to work
Just another wasted nite
And ohhhh, ohhhh
Heyyy, heyyy, what can you say

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