Consequence – Everybody Told Me Lyrics

Produced By: Kanye West

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Maybe they seen me on the videos
Or they heard me on the radio

Tip tried to tell me but damn I wouldn’t listen
Ye' tried to tell me but man I wouldn’t listen
Damn I should have listened
What would you do if it was you in my position?
Maybe they seen me on the videos
And they put me in the damage zone
Damn I should have listened
So for now I'm just laying low
Damn I should have listened

[Verse 1]
Cons, what makes you think you are any better than the rest?
If your homies wouldn't flip on you for a check
They try to stick you up for that chain around your neck
Even if they did man there is no disrespect
It's the rules of engagement, you just got engaged
Tryin to rewrite history before they turn the page
But that’s when they turn and aim
Shit you better learn the game
I mean what you thought would happen once you finally got ya stacks up
The same boy who would tell them fools to back up
Is mad as hell when he sees you hold your plaques up
To get them dranks in him (now he wanna act up)
To tell the friend who tell the friend to tell the friend
And since there's strength in numbers, jealousy begins
And it doesn’t matter if it’s true or it's not
These are the Consequences when they say that you’re hot


[Verse 2]
Same old movie being re-enacted
They see me in that Benz coupe now they wanna jack 'em
But before they would have backed em
Now they screamin let me at em
Maybe they seen me on the videos
Or they heard me on the radio
And now they coming at me crazy yo
That’s why I gotta tuck the 80 yo
But how you gonna front on baby bro
Who's trying to go even though you told him take it slow
I guess you seem convinced
That they would put a suit on me like g's to gents

But I'm like a tea-bag when you put me in the corner
I just get stronger when my name's in hot water

So whether is true or not
These are the consequences when they say that you're hot


Everybody told me told me told me told me baby baby
Damn I should have listened
Everybody told me baby everybody told me told me
Damn I should have listened

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