Consequence – Take It As A Loss Lyrics

Produced By: Kanye West

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[Intro: Kanye]
This is a story about uh ballers and players the same shit but uh
It's kinda like it's saying if you a true player you can't count that
You know what I'm saying
Sometimes you gottta take it as a loss player
That's right Consequence and uh I go by the name of uh Kanye to the
You might of heard of me but uh listen for a minute we finna' break it down right here right now

[Verse 1: Consequence]
I know that bro gone wanna probably want me bad when I drive the Jag
And try to turn my sons against me like a hockey dad
Cause this (????????) every time she at the light she reminded who the mac

[Verse 2: Kanye]
And um she not the type that be getting the tat
She getting the lac
And figure shes getting the stacks
Figuring that we run clean like hoes and me
Now ride up and down like coasters be

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