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[Intro: Cookie Monster]

Hi, today, letter of day is...
Haha, R!
Yeah, like in word "rap"
Yeah, so, today me rap with letter "R"
Kick it!

[Verse 1]

Now me show you letter R
Letter R makes sound like "ruhh"
And me not going to eat it
Though me really wish me were
Cause me love letter R
Me love is hotter than the sun-uh
Me would gobble R right up
Except me promise me not gonna
Oh R make tummy rumble
Me repeat me want to chew it

Me regret me got to tell you
Me not going to do it
Cause although me really hungry
To eat R would be wrong
Cause me rule is no eat letter
While singing letter song
Yes, me rule is no eat letter
While me singing letter song


Hey, song over!
Haha! No rule about eating letter AFTER singing letter song
Haha omnomnomnomnom
*devouring cookie*
Oh, that delicious

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