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I'm unknown

Like the comic
Green fatigues chronic
Drive is masonic
Onslaught is conic
Rap producers colic
Vampires get garlic
George got the Jack
While Uncle Jimmy be thinking rather pure gin when drinking
Lime away from dry wall
All fall, defense is too tall
Jones for the beats, flip my loop through the LFO
I say tomato, you pronounce it optimo
Let's call the whole thing on
Is it a joint, blunt, shotgun, bowl or bong?
Quite frankly I'm still beneath the table
Doom drank me under
What God has joined together
Let no man put asunder
Escape, pillage, and plunder
Bloops, bleeps and blunders
And I wonder who's loving you
(Like Michael Jackson)

Death comes in threes like John Paxson

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