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Posses no peer, fight fear with beer
Jeers make dough, it might back scratch it back at ya
In this life some niggas ain't gon' like you
Don't feed the mouth that bites you
Blunt with a swag weed when it's dro or cigarette load
Buy one and get one, five packs more economical
Even though they stay yo, Wajeed in the D
31 years of life, these the songs in the same key
G, I relate, see the point kings I live
Midwest All-Stars continue mark writin'
Like ODP and EST original stylin', that's why (I'm a)
Get my Jerry Curl on before I cut my braids off
And the same damn thing, say they scratched his face off
Sound like that red and yellow activator, make my shit stay soft
Dope on a 40 oz., or more like a keg
Not beat, just chubs
Spit this ..., tap beats rock clubs
Conversatin', conversin', what I'm sayin'
Is conversation is my occupation I'm employee of the month

But with not notified, enjoy my food fried
Enjoy my hair fried, some say that's a slave mentality, I'm like, word?

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