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[Verse 1]
I wonder if I take you there
Would you believe in fairy tales, oh
A place where no one feels the pain
Living without suffering
The roads are paved by loving hands
Energy from turning fans, oh
So won't you open up your eyes
So you can see this paradise, oh

I won't die to get to mine
I want this thing alive

I'll take my paradise on earth, yea hey
I'll make my paradise on earth, oh oh
I'll make my paradise on earth, yea hey
I'll take my paradise on earth
I'll make my paradise on earth

[Verse 2]
It's easier when you believe
Some people rather misery
But I prefer a place where you and I are free
And the whole world sings in unity


[Verse 3]
And all of the world, you were standing around
You couldn't smile, cause trouble's all you found
So now that you're 'round, and there's no going back
I'll save you a spot next to me, yeah

[Hook] x2

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