Crxcxdile – Second Day Lyrics

Produced By: JahRahMF

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C-R-X-C, ha fuck it, Crxcxdile
Flip her over I'm about to show her what I'm all about
Dick her down, she gone need a stretcher when I stretch her out
Hope you brought a towel cause you're leakin' like a broken spout

What I say... piece of cake
JahRah meet her, beat her, in the same day
Andale, no delay
Get outta my face and put something up on my plate

Whats in the pot? My jays cost a lot
Nobody really getting paid if I'm not
Call thh cops, they dyin on the spot
If they lyin to a lion bitch engraved on the top
Slave to my cock, let me reprimand it
Ask your girl, she calls me pussy bandit
I can't stand but I say its straight
Nuttin on her face and its only the second day

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