Curren$y & Young Roddy – 100 Spokes Lyrics

Produced By: Harry Fraud

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[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Single engine Cessna
Amphibious landing gear, terrain treacherous here
Square groupers, blocks of white cheddar

Precious metals, butter soft leathers
Shakers and movers, business is booming
Lil nigga you know who you in the room with
Big boss, killer whales and sharks, ain't no tuna fish
We'll know who was fit when the casualties get tallyed
There will be a list carved in stone for all the soldiers buried
In this bloody mud, war on drugs
I just rap like it's packages, ducking the fucking fuzz
Jealous of my status, wan' know what it was
We'll put 'em in that position, [?] can we link em
But I'm four joints rolled up, back of that black tour bus thinking
Up more dope by the boatloads, stay afloat no sinking
100 spokes on the Lincoln, Rivieras on [?]
Parked outside the fortress, where the money ain't never sleeping

[Verse 2: Young Roddy]
My grandpa left me a Cadillac with the white walls
[?] on a mission, hear my tires scratch off
Came up fell back off
My momma sent me to the store to cop a pack of Newports
And a lotto ticket scratch off
Hope we hit that jackpot at least one time
Trying not to get locked out by one time

That cheddar on my mind I only see green I'm color blind
Shout out to Sean John and [?] I'm tryna shine
With a hundred bag in my pocket 7 grams you can acknowledge
Better watch out for your trail, this shit get real when the feds watchin'
I'm known to clock my dollars got his girl dancing topless
Better slow your roll Charlie I run laps around your posse
I spit 'til they start drowning ain't no love for the out of towner
My Chevy engine stay grinding, kept 100 shots in my chopper
That a hundred hoes in that lobby, got a bad bitch and she bout it
She tryna get to my home, I used to roll on chrome
Now I ride on 100 spokes, out

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