Curren$y & Young Roddy – Weather Channel Lyrics

Produced By: King Thelonius

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[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Fish bowling, cougar bitches know this
Vintage exotic rolling, Turbo 97 Lotus
Dosha in my upholstery, this is a soldier story
Smoking with my uncles who opened them doors for me
Every detail was gorey on the road to the glory
But if my life was easy my autobiography would be boring
But this a how to guide, holy matrimony
How to marry money, how to manage funding
Get it and spend it but, always remember a
Couple of pretty pennies keep the rain up off your windows
Strain the endo, insane OG enzo
Ferrari on my mind until it's parked in front my front door
Floatin' in my crib like I'm living in a house boat
I got a safe in this bitch, gold bars stamped 14k on these bricks
Danny Ocean how I set a heist in motion

[Verse 2: Young Roddy]
When I asked for a helping hand they told me hell no
Spit the from the soul like the homie Ab-Soul
Stressed out I burn an L with my best bro
Just hoping that them cops don't come knocking at my door
I thank God for them shows, thank God to hit the road
Cause without that, back in the trap bagging O's
Money cars and clothes that's all a nigga know
And that lifestyle I'll never make a wack nigga fold
I'll make your heart turn cold, it ain't no love for no ho
And it's still Jets at your mofucking throat
Got a wicked jump shot, I pump blow, I done both
Got the whip smelling like a pound of marijuana smoke
I stay highed up roasted, plotting on my fortune
This poetry in motion, them real niggas quote this
I never had no piss, still don't take no shit
But I'm all about that good sense that ignorance is bullshit

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