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Yeah, cut the beat on
The coolest nigga ever just walked in the room
Cut the heat on
Minutes after the car lot, remove factory socks
And put brand new sneaks on

Casper on these fools, Floating
I'm talking about the Caspian Sea, holmes
Casting lines
While penning vicious one's at the same time
Visuals, But you can hear 'em though, Yea

Spit shit you would think unimaginable
Then make it tangible

Travel mo', to it is a grab and go
Hustle hard homeboy, my family know
Rarely seen...
They know I'm married to my dream
So in love with that green
That my bitch every day threatens to leave
The only thing that's left for me
Is to suggest that she do as she please
Cause on the nights that it's really cold
I know that money gonna hold me, yea

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