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My life is a movie, so people be tuned in
Just to keep a close eye on what I'm doing
My life is a move, so people be wtching
Just to see if I still can get shit popping


[Verse 1: Mr Marcelo]
My life is a movie, so when I be movin'
People be watchin, haters be tuned in

When I be just cruisin', or I be just hangin'
Or chillin' with my homies, out smokin' and drinkin'

Sometimes I be thinkin', what If I wasn't who I am?
Would I still move crowds like I was Rakim?

Homie I get it poppin', like champagne bottles
And I stay fresh like a runway model
Women, I'll holler. Fella's, peace out
Tell them haters, keep my name up out they mouth
Cause I be on ice like beer at a picnic
Run up on brick, and you will get your death wish
Im from a hell zone, where Im well known
And I dont keep up with'em homie, I make the jones
I get my hustle on to keep my money right
And I ain't stunt'n on ya homie, Im just living life

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2: Curren$y]

Cinematic, front row action
Go blind looking at him, dont sit so close

All eye's on spitta, switch time zone's homes, on both coast's
Them sucka's don't really know, whoa!

Inform'em, warn'em, that we was 'bout to swarm'em, and bomb'em
Inevitable, I had to blow
Fuck who diddn't want to see it happen, life is a movie documentary, tho no actor's
Way to real, no scripts in here, live
They believe what ever they hear, lie's
Jive ass niggas, I dont need'em in my circle, they way to square
On the road to riches, 22 inches a spare
Sparking like road flare's, hault pimpen, who goes there?
Dont think you can blend in the the Jet Bredren

A symbol of Og, dope 93' Ac, Legend
Too big for one screen, we gon' need to merge at least about 3 ofthose together


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